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Hardie Siding Installation

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My Crew and I will respect your home and your need to live in your home while your exterior is being sided.

We guarantee that True Quality Painting & Siding will install/apply all products according to manufacturers' specification. Therefore, manufacturers' warranty will not be voided through faulty craftsmanship. We guarantee our craftsmanship on all siding installations for five years. True Quality Painting & Siding desires to keep a good relationship with it's customers for years to come.


The decision to re-side your home should be one that you will only do once. Only the highest quality products are used by True Quality and all products are used according to the manufacturers specifications. We use Cedar and Hardie products because they have proven themselves to be the best products in the industry.

Hardie Products

Hardie Products come with the best manufacturer’s warranty around and are the best fiber cement products in the industry. Fiber cement products are also extremely fire resistant. Hardie plank lap siding is the most popular brand of siding in America and can be found on over 4 million homes. It comes with a 30-year non-pro-rated transferrable, limited warranty. For more information about Hardie, Visit: http://www.jameshardie.com/homeowner/helpSupport_warranties.shtml


Cedar has high acidic levels that make it rot resistant and performs particularly well in moist climates.

Examples of siding that needs to be replaced

Bad Siding 1.jpg
Damaged beyond repair.
Bad siding 2.jpg
Damaged beyond repair.
bad siding 006.jpg
Damaged beyond repair.
bad siding 016.jpg
Often times can be repaired.

True Quality Painting and Siding provides a unique service to it's customers.

In Washington we deal with a large number of failed LP or Weyerhaeuser siding. This siding can often be saved or given new life by coating the underside of the siding with a product called Elastomeric. This seals the siding from further damage. Other times the siding has completly failed and needs to be partially or completely replaced. If we can save part of the siding by using elastomeric and replace only the failed portions/walls, we can save you thousands of dollars!

*Why True Quality Does Not Recommend or Install Vinyl Siding:

  1. VINYL SIDING IS A FIRE HAZARD!! Vinyl siding is petroleum based and can cause a whole home to be engulfed in flames in a matter of moments!
  2. Vinyl siding also fades, yellows and becomes brittle.
  3. Vinyl siding cannot be properly painted.

Standard Siding Process:

(Jobsite is picked up and materials are covered daily.)
*Note: Each job is unique and may have variations in the process.

  1. All Siding Materials Delivered - Materials delivered and placed in an unobstructive area to allow the customer to have full access to their home. True Quality will make every effort to keep walkways and driveways clear of materials during construction.
  2. Tear Off - All old siding and tar paper is removed and disposed of via truck trailer or jobsite dumpster. During non-summer months siding is removed and re-sided one wall at a time to ensure minimal exposure to natural elements.
  3. Underlayment Inspection - Underlayment (plywood) is inspected for dry rot damage. Any damage will be brought to the attention of the homeowner.
  4. Re-Wrap - House is rewrapped with all new 60 minute tar paper. *Note - To secure manufacturer’s warranty house must be wrapped with "new" wrap and not reuse old wrap.
  5. Install Trim - Install all trim including corner boards, window wraps, bellybands, etc.
  6. Install Siding - Install siding per manufacturer's specifications to ensure all warranty requirements are met.
  7. Caulk - Caulk all knots seems and cracks per manufacturer's specifications. (ASTM C920 Grade NS, Class 25 or higher or a Latex Sealant complying with ASTM C834. Caulking/Sealant must be applied in accordance with the caulking/sealant manufacturer’s written instructions or ASTM C1193.)

Hardie Siding and Installation



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